Snickerdoodles and Teeccino


I’m still testing recipes for the new business and I can never leave well enough alone.  We had a great snickerdoodle at Leda’s that was really popular and always tricked non-vegans, but for some reason I feel like I still have to test other recipes to make sure that it really was the one I like best.  These taste more like what I remember from my childhood.  They’re so yummy!  Now to tinker with the batch size and hope everything still works out!

When I was baking these Ryan said, “It smells so good in here.  I have to make Teeccino!”  That ‘coffee’ in the background is Vanilla Nut Teeccino, actually not coffee at all but a grain based coffee substitue that’s much better for you and tastes so good.  Put a little non-dairy cream in there and I’m happy.  (Not that I really need any cream since I’m eating tons of cookies all day!)

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One Response to “Snickerdoodles and Teeccino”

  1. recipe? these look delicious :D