“The Curious Case of Benjamin Bean Dip”


The past couple of years my husband and I have hosted an Oscar party, and last year we thought it would be fun to make dishes that had names punning (is that a word?) the best picture nominees.  Two examples from last year were “There Will Not Be Blood Meatballs” and “No Dairy For Old Men Dip.”   We just think we’re so clever.  Of course we had to do it again this year, and we found out our friends had bets on what the names would be.  None of them guessed this one!

So, I know, this isn’t really a bean dip.  It’s actually a layer dip, but there is a layer of beans, so it still counts, right?  I think I make a version of this for almost every party that we have.  The bottom layer is re-fried beans, and usually I just open a can and spread it in the dish.  This time I tried a technique from The Pioneer Woman.  The beans tasted great on the stove and were much easier to spread, but I didn’t get to taste the final dish so I don’t know how much of a difference it made in the end.  I made some guacamole with avocados, lots of lime juice, salt and pepper (I like it simple), and spread that on top.  Then I mixed some tofutti sour cream with a little chili and garlic powder and added that on top of the guac.  Finally, I topped it off with some pico de gallo that I bought at Trader Joe’s.  After all the work I was doing for this party there was no way I was going to be making my own, and this one is really good.  I actually made this little dish and a much larger dish, and both were gone by the end of the night.

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9 Responses to ““The Curious Case of Benjamin Bean Dip””

  1. Look delicious? That’s because it was. Next year’s title; “Inglorious Beandip”.

  2. i am so stealing this ^_^

  3. This looks so yummy Kim! I am going to make it for sure. Your food blog is beautiful!! I totally love food blogs and I put you in my folder of favorites. I will check back often to see what you’re making!
    Do you ever make gluten free baked goods? My good friend can’t have wheat flour right now, but she loves treats.
    Your Friend, Betty

  4. Thank you, Betty! I’m working on some gluten free stuff so I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. Since this seems so simple, I doubt I can screw it up. (;
    I’ll be trying this -erm, tomorrow? (Hopefully)

    Loving the blog, Kim. I need to stop myself from licking the computer screen…


  6. This looks delicious! so sorry to have missed it in person. I’ll make it very soon though…..the whole site makes me so HUNGRY!!!!!

  7. Dude, Samuel L. Jackson ate your cookies. (Or I assume he did anyway, I’m sure he wouldn’t have passed them up.)

    It was so nice to meet you, and your blog is beautiful, and I am just so excited about your baking!


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